Dog Soldier


Dimensions 21" H x 12" W x 14" D      ~      Edition of 30 DOG SOLDIER (Cheyenne Warrior Society) The “Dog Soldier”, known for his fierceness and resolve in battle, was part of a warrior society in the Native American Cheyenne Nation,. There is [...]



Dimensions 45" H x 36" W x 27" D      ~      Edition of 30 “BLOWOUT” In every era, there are men and women willing to ‘risk it all’ for the possibility of great reward; be it for money, a gold medal, [...]



      ~      Edition of 30 JULIE The words of my mentor (Fritz White) often pierce the veil of my mind...”The most difficult thing to sculpt is the female form. If you can sculpt the female nude “well” – you can sculpt anything.” I [...]

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